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You Talk, We Listen

It is vitally important to us that you get the best customer service and advice from us so that you can realise real value in what we are providing for you. To achieve this we must listen to what your requirements are and not spout on about what we think you need. It is only from listening to our customers and understanding their needs that we can offer the level of quality that they deserve.


We respect our staff and customers, that is why we hire the best that we can and then provide world class training that enables them to give you what you require. We believe that if our people are not well trained and happy in their work then that will make unhappy customers. We aim to gain your respect by providing an easy and beneficial service.


We never make promises that we cannot keep. We will not put forward unnecessary features, or solutions that do not meet your requirements, or that might drive up the costs. If we cannot do what you need, we tell you straight away and we will do our utmost to put you in touch with someone who can fully meet those requirements.


Aditinet want to provide the best quality advice and solutions for our customers, this is reflected in the handpicked vendor partners who offer unique solutions to todays challenges that organisations face. Relevant solutions that bring value, do the job and improve the quality of your business to allow you to get rid of over resourced and overpriced legacy solutions that aren’t effective.

Customer Focus

It’s all about you. We endeavour to work with you not as a customer, but as a partner. Our focus has to be on what it is that you require and the best way to achieve that for you. Some organisations will try to put forward a solution that only fits part of your requirement. With Grillatech, anything less than the best for you just won’t do. This is our promise.


With Aditient what you see is what you get. There are no hidden costs, or small print to be considered, we will give you an efficient, straight forward service at all times and ensure the needs of you the customer are met. We aim to do business in a new way where we work with you as a partner to achieve your goals in a completely transparent manner.

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